Friday, August 29, 2008


I can't resist a perfect dried bunch of hydrangea.This colour blue really complements my white Chinese statue.

Kitchen Beauty

Surrounded by a collection of decorative glass bottles, this cute feathered friend sits on a piece of dusty miller foliage along with the stark white Chinese statue.
This alcove in our kitchen is an area that I love to change all the time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Toe shoes in pink

Dance your heart out.

Pretty in pink

To me, ballet shoes say so much by their visual wear and tear.I couldn't resist using them as a pretty prop on this vintage rose print that hangs in our hall.I don't think things need a purpose...If you love it, display it.

It's all about her lips...

You can't beat the old glamour of red lippy. Perfectly applied to her perfect red pout!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Red Riding Hood

This fabulous picture with the image of a white cow in the background is one of my favourites.It's part of the collage below.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Red at first sight

I adore everything about this collage! I love the glamour, the perfection of red lipstick. I am fixated on the red coat and the lady in the blue bathing costume.I just love everything about it.I am going to do a series of these, with different images.This one is currently for sale at my store Moss Industry in Barwon Heads.
I've always wanted to go back in time to experience the glamour of then...

Friday, August 1, 2008

No Title - by Alex Turnbull

I really must finish some of my paintings that are lying around.I can only blame it on lack of time with my shop Moss Industry and sometimes my lack of enthusiasm.I have to be passionate about a piece from start to finish.This one is different - I don't quite know what I think of it yet or how it will turn out? I have alot of playing around to do with my paint brush!

Portraiture by Alex Turnbull

This is one of my new collages that I'm currently working on.I originally made one for a display piece in our shop window at Moss Industry Florist.
You can't beat the old.Even the texture of this paper feels different to the glossy magazines of today.I'm someone that never throws anything out, as I know that one day they will be used for something in some way or another?
I am flattered to have 2 orders from girls who have seen my work in our shop window.The hardest thing I have to do is choose what images to put together.
This one is for me.(again) I will finish it soon and put it back on my blog for you to see.

BOOBIES ARE BARE - by Alex Turnbull

This painting has been on the go for 6 years.The original bather colours were bright frog green and the other in dark pink. I love red and vivid pink together, so I gradually painted over the first colours of choice along with the original background which was in orange.White is definitely a better choice. It really allows their swimsuits colours to stand out. I dabble now and then with this painting in hope of completing it soon.